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Međunarodni centar za poduzetnike u turizmu – International Centre for Small Businesses in Tourism

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Partnerstvo za Poduzetništvo  Partnership4Entrepreneurship

Koncept / Concept

The overall goal 

To link all interested stakeholders from around Croatia, region and  the world to encourage entrepreneurship.

4 principles 

Changing the perception of entrepreneurship to: entrepreneurs as heroes

Improving the broader business  environment to support entrepreneurship

Introducing entrepreneurial learning in primary school and improving lifelong entrepreneurial development

Encouraging innovation through Triple Helix partnership between science, industry and local government

– local community should be a service to entrepreneurs

– starting the venture capital funds (for innovation)

– encourage the cooperation between local communities and educational institutions

– it is necessary to identify activities that need investing and in this sense to educate future entrepreneurs including introduction and / or change of programs related to the needs of  entrepreneurship

– to motivate more people on entrepreneurship

– to improve the range of services for new entrepreneurs

– to encourage production in order to reduce unemployment

Who should be involved

Representatives of science/education, enterprises, local communities, NGO’s, interested individuals and experts.