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Innovation Challenges
The Creative Business Cup Innovation Challenges present new opportunities for startups to become involved in CBC, pitch for investors and win a trip to the CBC International Finals in November in Copenhagen, Denmark – also for the startups that are not national winners! CBC Innovation Challenge is a new initiative that aims to strengthen and support innovation in specific areas and to invite the startups that come up with great solutions to these challenges to Copenhagen to pitch before the 400 investors from EBAN – European Business Angel Network – that will attend CBC this year.
What is CBC Innovation Challenge?
There are in 2015 six CBC Innovation Challenges, see the description below. Startups that belong to one or more of these categories are welcome to participate in the CBC Innovation Challenge. Each challenge will have a set of screeners and jury that will determine which startups will be invited to attend the international finals in Copenhagen. During the finals, each of the Innovation Challenge will have its own sessions with seminars, workshops, pitching and it will be attended by investors within the respective areas. Examples of startups: The CBC 2013 Winner from Croatia “Teddy The Guardian” could have participated in the Innovation Challenge “Health” and the CBC 2014 Winner from Poland “Professor Why” could have participated in the “Play & Learn” Innovation Challenge.
Who is the target group?
The target group of the CBC Innovation Challenges is all CBC participants on the national level that belong to one or more of the Innovation Challenge areas. This means that although some startups are not national winners, they may be chosen to attend and pitch at a CBC Innovation Challenge during the CBC International Final in Copenhagen. Already in 2014, startups related to food, where invited to pitch and win the Food Innovation Prize.

The CBC Innovation Challenges are:
1. Food Innovation
“The Food Innovation Challenge is a challenge of minds, not a competition among products. A next surprisingly innovative idea that will make our world a better place to eat – rather than the next flavor in yoghurts – surprise us!”
2. Health
Physical and holistic health and well being from creative concepts related to medical industries to active living such. All concepts related to the active body and mind.
3. Smart Sustainable living
Concepts and physical structures that define the surroundings of the daily lives of people from city planning, housing to materials and even events and venues that make places come to life.
4. Play & Learn
Children and adults having a playful connection to the world. From gaming and toys to joyful interactions in working environments or leisure.
5. Lifestyle
Growing cultural phenomena with style, fashion, aesthetics, and community. Your product is transforming the consumers, relations between them in niche or mass market concepts. You are a true master of emotions.

6. ACE Creative– European ICT creatives
New software, user interfaces and ICT related services and entertainment such as gaming, social media and Art & Tech concepts. (Eligible for EU Countries only).

The CBC main competition is not restricted to the six sectors in the Innovation Challenges, so CBC is for all startups within the creative industries.
Submission time: After your national competition is finished.

Deadline: 31st July 2015

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