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PRIJAVE DO 30.6.2015.
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About FAC

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is a field of interaction for agro innovators and investors that addresses the future of healthy food from the farmer to the consumer, and furthers the agricultural revolution that is underway.

As there is not one simple solution to any of the complex global challenges of feeding the estimated growing population of 9 billion people by 2050.  FAC takes root in each joining nation, the knowledge base is enriched with a transfer of ideas and solutions.  Each nation and region brings a new perspective, having overcome different obstacles and offering different facets of innovation.

While disruptive solutions are being created across regions, individuals and visionaries often feel overwhelmed by the complexities to integrate in the agricultural ecosystem.

We believe discovering solutions to global challenges should not be so complicated.

FAC supports agro visionaries, startups, farmers, manufacturers, and distributors from countries across several continents. The most promising ideas and ventures are selected to compete in the Global Championships in Greece, which, at the crossing of three continents, is rich in diversity in both wild and cultivated plant species, has developed its botanical and agricultural practices for millennia, and the source of the famous Mediterranean diet.

The aims of the Future Agro Challenge are:
  • To foster innovation in agriculture
  • To encourage technology and methodology incorporating Evergreen Practices (to increase food production and efficiency in a sustainable manner, reducing greenhouse gases and carbon and water footprints)
  • To upgrade agricultural education and training
  • To revolutionize the approach to healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • To promote business and investment opportunities in agri business
  • To grow a global community of experts, investors, and innovators


Applications are now open! Please submit your entry below.

Who can apply

In order to participate, startups need to meet the following criteria:

  • Exists no longer than 5 years
  • Be proficient in the English language
  • Have a scalable and innovative business idea or model
Judging Criteria
  • Idea / concept: idea clearly explained
  • Pitching skills: persuasive and capturing presenting of idea
  • Innovation: breakthrough in idea, business model, or design
  • Scalability: does this business idea have a market potential globally or regionally. What is the capability of creating job positions
  • Health: a healthy process for production or consumption
  • Design: innovative in design

May 1st: Opening applications period for startups
June 30th: Closing date for applications.
If your country requires VISA arrangements, contact your host listed above. If your host is not listed, please contact us. Please keep in mind some countries may require up to two months for VISA arrangements.
July 31st: Announcement of National Winners that will participate in the Global Finals
October 2nd-3rd: Global Finals in Athens, Greece


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