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Prijave do 20.10.2015.
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Get in the Ring
Get in the Ring is a global startup competition taking place in over 64
countries worldwide. We offer promising startups a podium to connect
with fans (customers, investors, partners, etc) and provide organizations
a way to connect and cooperate with the global startup scene. Click
below for a short intro.

Fans: we believe that startups need more than just investments. Startups
can highly benefit from professionals, talents, potential customers or
users, media, partners, experienced entrepreneurs, and communities.
Promising startups: at Get in the Ring we believe in promising startups!
Promising startups are disruptive, scalable, and have innovative business
ideas or models.
GEW: Get in the Ring is one of the Global Pick events of the Global
Entrepreneurship Week.

Weight Classes
GITR will assign all participating startups to a certain weight class. Based on
their application a startup will be directly assigned to one of the three weight
classes. Aside from basic information for registration the most important
weight class indicator is the valuation of the startup:
1. Lightweights are startups or business ideas with no valuation or a current
valuation of less than €1.000.000
2. Middleweights are startups with a current valuation between €1.000.000
and €10.000.000
3. Heavyweights are startups with a current valuation of more than
Application Criteria for Startups
| No older than 7 years
| Pitcher should be fluent in English
| Innovative and scalable business idea/model

Competition Schedule

Local Finals
01.03.2015 – 20.11.2015

National Finals
01.09.2015 – 20.11.2015

Regional Finals
01.01.2016 – 01.02.2016

International Final
14.03.2016 – 18.03.2016
At the International Final 6 startups (2 from each weight category) will be
chosen to pitch on stage in front of an audience of over 1.000 potential fans.
The winner of each battle will become the world champion of GITR for its
weight category.


Get in the Ring 2014
In 2014, the competition reached a new level by introducing 8 regional finals.
National winners had to battle against their regional peers to move on to
the next round. Only the best startup from each region continued on to the
international final.
Over 2,000 startups competed in GITR this last year. Through national
selection rounds in over 64 countries and 8 regional finals, the 10 most
promising startups came to Rotterdam to compete in the international final
in the World Heritage Site ‘the van Nelle Fabriek’. During this event the
Champions Howard Lindzon (USA), Adriaan Ligtenberg (the Netherlands),
Lauren Maillian Bias (USA) and Zsolt Lavotha (Monaco), and an audience of
over 1.000 startup fans chose eFishery (Indonesia) as the world champion of
Get in the Ring.

Get in the Ring 2013
In 2013, an old Rotterdam based Jenever brewery was transformed into
a brewery for investment and young promising entrepreneurs. The four
Champions Ingrid Vanderveldt (USA), Bala Kamallakharan (Iceland), Fatih
Isbecer (Turkey) and Riku Asikainen (Finland) provided their valuable feedback
to eight promising entrepreneurs.
In this year Get in the Ring introduced the world’s first equity based live
crowdfunding campaign. Three startups were invited by Get in the Ring
to pitch their crowd funding campaign to over 600 visitors and the four
Champions. One of these startups finished their €40,000 crowdfunding
campaign just 4 weeks later


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